What Are Proxy Servers?

A proxy server is usually a computer program that acts like an intermediary between the server responding to a request for a resource and an individual client requesting that resource. The client uses the proxy to make requests at a later time than they would with the original Internet service provider (ISP). The proxy receives the requests from the client and routes them through the various servers until it reaches the intended destination. At this point, if there is a match between the request and an available server, the requested data is provided. If not, the request is forwarded to another server or the proxy server decides to round-trip to the next server and retrieve the requested data.
For businesses, the use of a proxy server simplifies the management of their networks because everything needed is already in place. Clients connected to the internet are able to send and receive data without fear of their activity being monitored by other users of the same system. For individual users, the ability to manage their networks via the use of a VPN eliminates the need to constantly update their security settings on the internet. By using a VPN, an individual can rest assured that their data is protected from being sniffed by other individuals.
In order for VPNs to be used for business purposes, they must be properly configured. This is achieved by using the appropriate ports and settings on each end. In order to configure these settings, a connection must first be established between the server and the client. Once this has been done, both sides must then be instructed on how to connect to each other through the VPN’s configured VPNs. It is through these steps that a VPN’s true purpose for being used as a security proxy is revealed.

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